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1. General

For the purpose of this document, the following words shall have the meaning assigned to the respective words hereinafter mentioned


(b) "Customer" shall mean, the person who had availed the services of the company by renting a car for his use

(c) "vehicle" shall mean the vehicle which was taken on rent by the Customer from the Company

2. Eligibility:

Any person who is a Citizen of India holding valid driving license as contemplated under section 3 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, who is of sound mind , not adjudged as insolvent and/or is not disqualified by any law or order/judgment of a competent court from driving the vehicle and any foreigner who is having a valid International License with Passport for driving the vehicle with valid Visa

3. Period For Renting

Maximum period permissible for renting shall be …………………………….. days/months. However, the Company shall be at liberty to grant additional period, subject their discretion.

4. Documents/Details To Be Submitted

4.1. At the time of taking the vehicle for rent, the Customer shall submit the following documents/details;

(a) True Self attested copy of the driving license of the Customer (In case, the customer is intending to drive the vehicle through any other person, he shall furnish the details of such person along with true attested copy of the driving license of that person)

(b) True Self attested copy of the Election Identity Card/Adhar Card/Passport/visa copy (in case of foreign customer ), which are valid during the period of rental Customer

(c) Details of the Credit Card of the Customer.

5. Security Deposit

(a) For the purpose of ensuring the safety of the vehicle and due observance of the “terms and conditions‟ contained herein, the Customer shall make deposit at such rates as mentioned in the website, which shall vary in accordance with the specifications of the vehicle taken for rent.

(b) The aforesaid amount shall be refunded to the Customer by the Company without any interest. Upon returning the vehicle, subject to the deduction of any charges or any other amounts receivable by the Company as per the terms and conditions contained herein.

6. Charges:

6.1. The charges payable by the Customer to the Company shall be as mentioned in the website

6.2. In addition to the rental charges , the Customer shall pay additional charges in the cases of

(a) Traffic violations: at the rate of twice the amount fixed as Fine by the Government and the legal expenses in actuals,

(b) Actual cost of repair as assessed by the authorized service centre of vehicle concerned, in case any damages sustained or repair necessitated on account of usage of the vehicle by the Customer

6.3. The Customer, shall meet the expenses in full for compensating the damages or loss sustained to the person or property of a third party/parties , on account of the use of the vehicle by the Customer. In event the any amount is reimbursed/paid by the Insurer of the vehicle, in respect of the said damages/expenses covered under this clause as well as under 6.2 (b) above, the such amounts shall be deducted from the amounts payable by the Customer and the liability of the Customer shall be confined to the amounts remained unpaid by the insurer.

7. Obligations Of Customer

(a) The Customer shall use the said vehicle carefully and in full compliance of statutory stipulations including the Traffic Rules of the areas/city/town/village concerned.

(b) The customer shall bear the expenses for fuel and other expenses such as Toll charges, entry fees etc payable in connection with the use of the vehicle

(c) The Customer shall not cause the vehicle be driven by any person who is not holding a valid driving license and who is disqualified from driving the vehicle. In the event of the vehicle is caused to be drive by any other person/persons other than the Customer, the entire details of such persons shall be furnished to the Company in advance and the copy of driving license along with the copy of the identity card of such person or persons shall be furnished to the Company in advance.

(d) The Customer shall not drive himself/herself or caused to be driven the vehicle by any other persons, under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.

(e) The Customer shall ensure that the his/her driving license or the driving license of the person driving vehicle is remaining valid through the period of the rental and in any case the driving license ceases to be valid during the period of rental, the vehicle shall be surrendered immediately to the Company

(f) The Customer shall not use the said vehicle for (1) hire or reward. (2) for speeding or raising (3) for any illegal purposes or for carrying any prohibited or inflammable articles (4) in any prohibited areas and shall also not mobile phone while driving the vehicle.

(g) In case the vehicle is involved in any accident during the course of its use, urgent intimation in this regard shall be given by the Customer to the Company

(h) In the vehicle is stolen, intimation in this regard shall be given to the nearest police station and also to the Company

(i) In case, any intimation is received by the Company, as to the imposition of any fine, charges by any of the Authorities or any claim is raised before the Company, at the instance of persons/institutions/authorities in connection with the use of the vehicle by the Customer, after the vehicle delivered back to the Company, the Company shall be entitled to demand and recover such fines, charges or such other amounts for satisfying such claims, from the Customer . In order ensure the said payment, the Customer shall furnish the details of his/her credit card and shall also issue a mandate allowing the Company to recover such amounts.

(j) Its mandatory that the customer shall report and take consent of the company before interstate plying, company holds the full right to refuse the same. Its mandatory that the customer shall report „entry‟ at the concerned RTO check post.

(k) Its mandatory that the vehicle shall not been driven above 80 KM per hour speed at any circumstances. Company reserve the rights to collect a penalty of INR 400/- per violation done by the customer. Company is using GPS of M/S Thinture Technologies.

8. Obligations Of The Company;

(a) Company shall ensure that vehicle provided to the Customer is free of any defects and are road worthy in every standards

(b) The Company shall ensure that, in case any repair is necessitated during the period of rental, due to the reasons not attributable to the Customer, urgent measures shall be taken by the Company to either repair the same or to replace the vehicle with another trouble free vehicle

(c) The Company shall not hand over any of the documents furnished by the Customer to any third party under any circumstances

9. Rights Of The Company :

(i)Company shall be entitled and empowered to demand surrender of the vehicle, in case it the Company is satisfied that, the Customer is using the vehicle in violation of any of the terms and conditions herein contained or in violation of any statutory stipulations or in any manner prejudicial to the interest of the Company or any other parties. In such an event the customer shall immediately return the said vehicle , and failure would enable the Company to invoke its legal remedies by treating further usage of the vehicle by the Customer as unauthorized and illegal.

(ii)Company is at a liberty to charge the amount if any arising out of the usage of the vehicle from the Credit Card account or the S.B Account maintinaed by the customer .

10.The parties will attempt in good faith to resolve any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the Agreement promptly through negotiations between them . In case of failure to resolve the same,the parties shall refer any dispute arising out of or in connection with the agreement to arbitration to be carried out in Kochi only by single arbitrator appointed by the Company in accordance to the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act ,1996 and the decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties.

11.The customer hereby, protect and indemnify the Company and its Directors from and against all possible claim by any persons that may arise by the usage of the vehicle during the period of rent and further do hereby covenant and agree with the Company and its Directors to indemnify at all times to keep indemnified and to hold harmless the said Company and its Directors from all actions, claims, demand , liabilities, losses, damages, costs , charges and expenses in all respects that may be advanced against or incurred in respect of or by reason of the damage or penalty which may arise in connection with the usage of the vehicle during the rent period

12.In case of any dispute, the same shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Ernakulam only.

Cancellation Policy :

Cancellation 30 Days or more : 10% of total trip cost.

Cancellation Within 29-20 days prior to arrival 30% of total trip cost .

Cancellation Within 19-15 days prior to arrival 50% of total trip cost -

Cancellation Within 10 days prior to arrival Non refundable.

(During peak seasons like Deepawali, Christmas, and Onam, you must cancel at least 30 days in advance. If you don't, you won't get your money back.)

FasTag Policy:

Ensure that your vehicle's FasTag is valid. Our delivery personnel will assist you with this, The customer must reload the Fastag as per your requirements. The Company is not responsible for the double payment or the penalty. Please note that the company is unable to give refunds if the amount you have recharged has not been utilized or the balance amount of wallet. According to the FaTag statement, you are responsible for all payments.


If you choose the "pay later" option at the time of booking, the company may ask you to pay an additional 50% of the booking cost; if you do not, the booking will be cancelled.


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